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I am 16,  and i am from punjab (India). I am not able to see my glans because some skin inside is attached to the top of my penis head,that is why my foreskin is not coming down. Please help. 

Am i sufferring from a disease?


Hi Guest,

No.  It is not a disease.

The foreskin separates from the glans as you get older.  In most males this is complete by about age 16 or so - but not always.

Normal erections and masturbation should help it separate.  They'll also help you stretch your foreskin so it slides over the glans easily.

Try stretching.  Get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin so that the glans spreads the opening OR use your fingers.  Do it as often as you can.  It may help to do it in the shower/bath as warm water helps soften the skin.  Don't force it but you will need to apply some pressure.

Good luck.