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I'm 14, and have only been rolling back my foreskin for 6 months. I have noticed that a thin layer of foreskin is almost entirely fused about half way up the glans. This prevents me from rolling back my foreskin all the way. I can urinate/masturbate fine. In some areas, the foreskin appears to be (very) slowly peeling back, but in others it is nearly entirely fused. I want to be able to fully roll back my foreskin. Do I need to see a urologist? Please help!


Hi Guest,

NORMAL.  Usually by about age 16 your glans should be fully separated and be able to fully retract.

The inner layer of the foreskin separates from the glans as you get older.  Normal activities such as  getting erections and masturbation can help this happen.  Don't force it, it can scar - and bleed pretty good too.

If it doesn't resolve itself in a few years see your urologist.