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Doctors don't usually see a lot of cuts, scrapes, bites, and blows to the penis, a group of problems generally known as traumatic soft tissue injury to the penis. That doesn't mean that these problems don't happen. It just means that men usually don't see their doctors about them. Actually, men's penises would heal a lot faster if men went to doctors for help.

The reason men don't see their doctors about penis injuries is that usually those injuries involve something the man doesn't want his doctor or insurance company or employer's insurance department to know about. Men who use cock rings to sustain erections tend to get soft tissue injuries they can't really trace to the ring itself, but that seem to happen while the ring is on. Men who are into bondage and submission can get some traumatic injuries to the penis that no doubt would drive traffic to this site, but that are not easy to describe in a non-pornographic way. Men who wear chastity belts, who use external devices to catch urine while traveling or standing in long lines tend to get "mysterious" cuts, scrapes, and abrasions, and, of course, some men masturbate so much they wear the skin off their glans penis, the tip of the organ.

Why is it that smooth objects on the penis can cause cuts and scrapes? When a man's penis is mechanically confined, he probably gets, well, turned on. The penis becomes stiffer with or without a full erection. An erect or semi-erect penis has tighter skin that is stretched and more easily injured through lighter contact.

Men can also get their penises caught in zippers. They can nick the penis while manscaping, trimming pubic hair. Sometimes men don't know that they nicked their penises while using an electric shaver or a razor on around their genitals. Dogs sniff genitals, and an overzealous dog sniffing a human sometimes bites. (There are also cases in the medical literature documenting penis injury by cats, hamsters, and chickens.) Rats have attacked penises while men slept. Some men have caused severe injury to themselves by injecting cocaine into the penis. Genital piercing can result in severe infections, including a devastating condition known as Fournier gangrene, or constant irritation if the man is allergic to nickel.

Then there are many who get their cuts, scrapes, bites, and burns during sexual activity. Bites during oral sex probably happen far more frequently than men report to their primary care providers.

Any injury to the penis that doesn't resolve in 48 hours or less needs medical treatment. However, there are some self-help methods that work on the most minor injuries.

  • Medicinal honey. There are natural antibacterial and antifungal agents in honey. Medical honey is packed in ways to make sure that you don't put bacteria from a honey jar onto your ailing organ, but any non-contaminated honey will be helpful. Honey keeps the skin of the penis moist so it can heal while it kills and keeps out infection. Just don't use honey to get creative in your love making while you are recovering from your wound. Your underwear will need to be changed frequently while you have honey on your penis.
  • Aloe vera gel is not a bad way to treat a scrape, cut, or burn, if the area affected is just 1-3 mm (up to about 1/8 of an inch). It stimulates your immune system to fight bacterial infection, and it also stimulates the production of collagen for growing new skin. Aloe vera gel is not suitable for treating any wound that goes around the penis, however. Those wounds need to be seen by doctors as soon as possible.
  • Showering twice a day removes accumulated feces or urine that may accumulate due to leakage, and rinses off bacteria before it can form a film over the skin. Air dry or gently towel dry. Don't blow dry.

Ideally, a penile wound should be (1) moisturized, so skin does not crack and admit bacteria but (2) exposed to the air, which kills many kinds of bacteria that cannot grow in the presence of oxygen. If you can't spend most of your time naked, be sure to wear briefs that "breathe" and loose pants to allow maximum air circulation around the penis as it heals.

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