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Hi. I am 14 years old and I have been having trouble with my penis. I have managed to get the foreskin to roll back over the glands freely when penis is flaccid but when erect it retracts but I need to be quite forcefull and sometimes have trouble getting it back to its original position. Whenever I roll my foreskin back I notice some skin still attached the glands and when I try to pull it down it wont. It's just stuck there. Its not the frenulum because it is on the part of the glands facing me. Any ideas what this could be?


Hi guest,

It is NORMAL, until about age 16 or so, for you glans and foreskin to be fused.  Normal erections and masturbation will help it separate.  Don't force it.  It can tear and leave a scar.

Hope it helps.