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So im 14 and uncircumcised and when i pull back my skin it seems as though some foreskin is like fused at the tip of my head and idk it this is normal p.s I dont always pull my skin back when i pee idk if this has anything to do with that?!?!?!


Hi Guest,

You are NORMAL.

It's normal for your foreskin to not retract fully and even be attached to the glans until about age 16 or so.  Normal erections and masturbation will help it separate and retract.

You can stretch now though.  Get an erection and gently pull down on the shaft skin so that the glans spreads the opening in your foreskin OR use your fingers to gently spread the opening.  It may help to do it in the shower as the warm water will help soften the skin.  Take your time, you don't have to hurt yourself.  The glans is going to be sensitive at first - normal.

You really need to clean under your foreskin.  Pull it back to pee.

Good luck.