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Hello! I am 17 years of age and I have a concern about my penis. So recently I have discovered that only half of my foreskin is able to retract, not passed the glans but it can move, my foreskin itself is quite stretched naturally, I can fit 4 fingers when fully stretched, but the other half of my foreskin when erect is still attached to my head via a layer of skin ( not my Frenulum ) but a small stretch of skin which is attached to my head of my penis and the foreskin itself, this stops the other side form being able to retract. Any suggestions on what to do about this?


Hi Concoxtion,

It's called a skin tag.  Usually by about 16 or so the foreskin will have fully separated from your glans.

You can try waiting.  Normal erections and masturbation will help it separate OR you can see a urologist.  They can surgically separate it in the office - this is NOT a circumcision.

Don't try to tear it.  It can leave a scar and it can bleed.

I'd try masturbation by sliding the foreskin over the glans as best you can to help it separate and give it some more time.

Hope it helps.