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I have never been on birth control . I have unprotected sex all the time. Me and my husband are trying to conceive a 2nd child. Now with my first I didnt find out till I was 6 months pregnant because I didnt really have symptoms. This time around I have had heartburn almost all day everyday , my chest feels random pains . Just like someone is squeezing my chest makin it hard to breath . I have also been getting small headaches that turn into something bad (normally) . Now my period didnt come at all in february... which wasnt normal to me. Than on march 12th I had what I thought was just a light period. But within 2 days I didnt even need anything cause the flow wasnt heavy. Normally my period lasts up to 5 days and is pretty heavy as I am a bigger girl. I have had slight mood swings and have felt exhausted come the night time( which is normal cause I run after an 18 month all day ) before that (what I thought) period I took 3 at home pregnancy tests and one blood test from the doctor... they all came up negative... I want this pregnancy to happen soo bad. I am starting to feel lost. I have also been having what feels like period cramping in my lower back. Not bad eno to take any pain medication. If I didnt find out till 6 months with my first . Should I expect that with a new pregnancy? I just feel lost


I have no answers but wanted to say it sounds quite difficult and upsetting for you not knowing and desperatly wanting.