I'm really confused right now. My new husband and I have been talking about having kids and we decided that we are going to let it happen when it happens. Well we have had intercourse without protection and I thought I might have been pregnant. I have been feeling very strange. First of all I thought maybe my period had started early because I had been under a lot of stress from the wedding planning. Well it came 5 days early and started off as light pinkish bleeding. I had the usual symptoms and thought it might be implantation at first. Then it got heavier and became a medium flow. It lasted like this until day 3 and then slowed down a lot. I then started to bleed lightly again on day 5 and 6. I normally have heavy bleeding until day four and then day five is my last day. The end of it seemed kinda brownish in color. It's over with now and it is now 2 days after when my period was supposed to be. I took a home pregnancy test two days ago and it was negative. Now I am feeling nauseous at random times, my chest feels heavier (having a large chest makes it harder to tell) and I've been feeling small pricking pains in my abdomen today and have felt bloated as if I am still on my period. What I thought was my period ended 2-3 days ago. I'm just wondering if anyone here experienced stuff like this or could give a young woman some advice. I haven't had any children yet so this is a bit scary for me with these strange feelings and such. I am also confused as to why the test would come out negative then. Please help me.