pls i'l like to knw if im pregnant or just fallin ill.about 6 days ago i went to see my boyfriend n he fingered me but im not sure if e touch his precum (slim) before fingering me. its d first time i was fingerd n i was quite dry (dnt know y). i was scared so i used a pregnancy test kit on the 4th n 5th day but it told me i wasnt pregnant. a friend later told me dat the kit cannot dictect dat early. now im fallin ill,i feel dizzy n feverish. im even havin stomach upsets. i have been worring alot though. so i dnt knw weather it is pregnancy or stress  dats makin me fall no longer havin discharge as usual n i dnt want to wait till its time 4 my period cos its far off. pls help me out. ps- he never came inside me or even had sex wit me.he jst had some slim