I was currently on the pill (Cerazette) and came off it on the 1st of sept this year. I then started a period the next day as I expected. Both myself and hubby have decided to use the natural family planning way of birth control as nothing else has really been right for us. We were both silly and started this straight away thinking the pill would still be working and we would be ok (the doctor told us that it will work for 3 months after taking it) however after research found this not to be true. I came off my period on the 8th sept. We have had full intercourse on the 10th,12th and 19th. I started secreating on the 15th and was starting to become worried so after the 19th we decided that we should research this more. However about lunchtime on the 22nd I found a brown/pinkish discharge in my pants. I thought it was a period but I am usually extremely heavy with terrible cramps, I have not had the cramps this time and its been very light and hardly noticable and although still there today again its very very light and almost gone. I am worried I may be pregnant and although it wasnt planned this would not be a bad thing. I have done 3 pregnancy test and they have come back negative although I have been told to wait till my next period to be due and do it a week later. My period should be due mid next week and I really would like some help. I have been feeling sick but think this is because I am constantly thinking about it and dont fully understand when would of been the best time to try and conceive. Please could anyone give me some advise or tell me what they think? Thanks in advance.