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I had my shot of depo provera Dec. 18, and I have my shots religiously every 3 months, January 12 I had menstruation a huge amount of blood but only for a day. The whole month of January I had an abdominal pain that is not common to me. March 5 I was due for my annual check up, I told my doctor all the symptoms that I was feeling for the past few month, I told him I might be pregnant , I dont want the smell of my favourite coffee, I had a big amount of blood in my last period, and I had this abdominal pain. He never believed me, he trust the effectiveness of depo provera. But when I had my ultra sound result in my abdominal pain, I found out that I was 16 weeks pregnant , but 5 days ago I just had another shot of depo provera for the month of March.
I am so worried now regarding my pregnancy, especially with my childs mental and physical development.


Myself and two of my friends had healthy babies while being on depo. We all learned the hard way as well that we were/are pregnant.