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Me and a guy had unprotected sex on a Monday.. he pulled out before he ejaculated. i took a plan B that thursday. but then thursday night, we had unprotected sex again but he pulled out and i took another plan B on friday. about a week later, i had spotting. we had sex a few more times but he wore a condom and pulled out before he came. and now i am 4 days late for my period. am i pregnant or is it because of the plan B?


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You don't seem to understand the concept of the word emergency contraception, it shouldn't be used just because you want unprotected emergency means extreme emergency ie the condom breaks or in cases of rape where protection would be needed!

To take two plan B in such a short period of time would not be good for your reproductive system due to the high dose hormones the give to stop pregnancies, you will find the side effects if you took the time of googling them would be delayed period amongst others.

Be safe and always use other forms of protection!