I had my tubes cut, tied and burned after my 4th c-section I have 4 beautiful boy's but I do Not want any more babies but with my 3RD son I was on the depo and got pregnant the 4Th while I was taking the pill faithfuly everyday and got pregnant I've been asking my doctor to tie my tubes since after the first one and they finally did it after my 4TH son was born in 2004 but a month after my son was born my husband had to go away and is now returning home after 3 years everyone keps telling me I still need a back up birth control so I won't get pregnant and I hear story's of girl's still getting pregnant after the procedure but I don't believe It please get back to me to confirm that I'm right so I won't have to worry about anything because Yes my kid's are a Gift from God but I've been blessed enough.

Can I get a DR's Answer
Thank you