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i was wondering if i got my tubes tied and burn is there a way i could try to get pregnant again is there a procedure i could do so i could have another child


i did some research for you here i what i found...

"It's unlikely. A recent study (the Collaborative Review of Sterilization, or CREST, study) looked at 10,000 women who had undergone tubal ligation and found 143 failures (a failure rate of 1.4 percent). It can be higher when a tubal is done at the time of a C-section. The failure rate also tends to increase the longer it has been since one had a tubal ligation. The U.S. Collaborative Review of Sterilization (CREST) found the failure rate for tubal ligation (all occlusion methods) to be 1.85% after 10 years.

Here's other comments from WikiAnswers contributors:
Yes, it is very possible 1 in every 200 TL fail (This statistic has no documented source and should not be trusted.
It is very possible. In fact, my friend last week found out she was pregnant after having a tubal ligation 11 years ago. The only thing was that it turned out to be a tubal pregnancy. The fetus was attached to the outside of her tube on her right side so she had to have her tube removed. The MD told her that her tubal failed and now she has to take some sort of birth control if she doesn't want to get pregnant. I strongly recommend to anyone who has had this procedure done and has any doubt if they are pregnant to go see their MD or get some medical advice as soon as possible. My friends tubal pregancy ruptured and she had fever and heavy bleeding right away. This could be fatal, especially if you wait too long.
My mom had her tubes tied (I guess that's the same as a tubal ligation). You can get pregnant from it, but most likely it's ectopic (tubal). Go to the doctor immediately. If you are having severe pain, bleeding, etc, go now. It will help you out ALOT. Take a pregnancy test first.
Yes, it is possible. I had my tubal ligation in 1991 and became pregnant again in 2002.
It is definitely possible. Actually, after 10 years, the failure rate for a tubal ligation increases slightly. My tubal ligation failed after only 4 years. I had my tubal ligation in June of 2000 and had another baby boy in October of 2004. Approximately 1/3 of all pregnancies that occur after a tubal ligation is an ectopic pregnancy though so it's important to see your doctor immediately if you think you're pregnant.
I had my tubes tied and cauterized in Dec 2000, after 2nd C-section, I became pregnant in Dec 2004..4 years later. I found out baby made it to utero, but we miscarried shortly after. It was devastating for me, I really wanted another baby. I had a hsg test, tubal dye, and they found my right tube slightly open, but the left is still closed. Now I am depressed every month I get another period, hoping for another baby. I also decided to see if I can have it opened properly giving me every opportunity to have another child. In our province we have to pay for a reversal, so I am hoping they don't expect me to pay for this screw-up...I never asked for any of this, but now that it has happened it's ruining my life...I can't believe something that is "permanent" ... isn't.
It's a rare occurrence to become pregnant after having a sterilization or tubal but it is possible. Not all sterilizations procedures are 100% effective and some have a 1-2% failure rate. Because of this it is possible to become pregnant but the chance is very very low.
Yes - you can become pregnant. Nature always tries to overcome an obstacle to achieve its only aim - reproduction.
After a tubal ligation, it has been found that some women "grow" another fallopian tube in which the egg can enter by.
If you wish to get pregnant, then you should consult a doctor to see what the "state" of your tubes are. There are various ways of doing a tubal ligation - some that can be reversed easily. Even if you are found to not have viable fallopian tubes, you can still use IVF to conceive. You will still have your eggs and it is a matter of "harvesting" the eggs, fertilizing them outside the body and then implanting them."

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Not sure if you ever got an answer to this - but you can have a tubal reversal  - that would be about the only way to guarantee the chances of getting pregnant.




I had my tube tied and burn since 08/04/90 when I turn 21 yr I had too do that by court order by tom rickoff and Rosa pena ad child protection service. And I wanna have baby and I can't never a baby and I'm 48 yr old