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I have a few questions first one is I had my tubes tied 19 mths ago and recently found out I am pregnant . When they put the bands on when they tie tubes , will it effect the baby where it can't get its nutrients it needs to grow. When he tied my tubes I guess with the coils went in it went crazy like a messed up slinky. Will the coils hurt or puncture the baby . My Dr had no answers for me.


Hi Nicole,

The ties won't harm the baby.  They tie the fallopian tubes, where the egg passes.  It does not alter the uterus, where the baby develops, in any way.  As to any damage to the fallopian tubes, that is a possibility.  Your doctor or surgeon should be able to give you an answer.

Your baby gets nourishment via the umbilical cord and the placenta.  It will get everything it needs.

Your Doctor should be able to answer these basic medical questions.  I would be having serious doubts as to the competency of the doctor if he doesn't know how a baby gets it's nutrients.