Hi, I'm worried I'm pregnant and I'm not sure I'm ready for kids yet. I'm only 23 I want kids when Im done with college. My periods ussually last about 2-4 days and they are a bit irregular ussually start during the days of the month from 16th-28th. I had sex with my boyfriend about a month ago on the day I started my period. We also used a condom. We thought that would be a good and very safe method. We thought this because of the the eggs being dead and the condom for extra protection. After we had it my boyfriend took the condom off and blew it up there were no holes. It's been a month since last time we've had sex so it's about time for my period to start. From last month when it started I'm only 2 days late though so I'm probably over reacting. The thing is, is that Iv been a bit skeptical about me being pregnant this month and Iv noticed that Iv been going to the restroom a bit more. But it is summer and Iv been drinking a bit more water too. Iv had no other symptoms of types of 5th week pregnancys. Recently I have traveled for 3 days for my grandfathers funeral. And last night I had a drink. Could there be any other reasons why my period could be late? And is there any chance of the sperm slipping out of the condom way you put it on then getting inside me? And is there any other way I could be pregnant? And please tell me if you believe I'm over reacting!