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Last month me and my boyfriend had sex but we were protected meaning we used a condom but I'm not on any birth control the. Condom did not break nor leaked. I was due for my period at on April 25 but have not gotten it yet me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 years now & in those years I never miss a period so I can't understand why I'm missing one now I been stressing so much over this which I no I need to stop cause that will delay it even more I know in my heart I'm not pregnant but in the back of my mind i I think I am because I miss my period. My breast are not tender I'm not feeling sick but have been having a few stomach cramps here. There which feel like it wanna come on I been have a lil white discharge but no period yet is that normal?do I need to take a pregenacy test? & how long should I wait to take one will I get my period this month please help because I'm making my self sick from worrying so much


hey dont worry i guess your period got delayed due to your stress only if you have used a latex condom that wont be a problem and to get a home pregnancy test done if it is 4 to 5 weeks from conception then it is the best time for a hpt and also an ultrasound dont worry i guess bth will be negetive