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Can I be pregnant if I had sex with someone who say they had a vasectomy, used a condom and never came inside of me?

I'm thirty and me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby for around 8 months with no luck. It was a small possiblity that he couldnt have children due to the fact he had cancer treatment when he was younger but we never had any tests done to find out.

Two weeks ago I slept with someone else. I know it was wrong and I know I am now where I desearve to be. It's a mistake I made and as soon as it happened I wished I was dead, so please don't give me any lectures on what a b***h I am.. I already know.

We used condoms and he never came inside me. Obviously I also slept with my boyfriend around the same time frame but now I am two to three weeks pregnant. I have told the man I slept with and he told me that he had a vasectomy many years ago after having two children and has had alot of unprotected sex since with no pregnancys. I know he does not want more kids so he has no reason to lie.

I have looked into my options and all I can see are three. Wait and hope the baby does not come out the wrong colour. Try and save up for prenatal dna testing or (the one I can't bare to think of) termination.

All I have ever dreamed of is having a baby with my partner and my heart is breaking right now. Please can someone just give me any advice please?


I believe your boyfriend is the father. It is quite impossible to get pregnant with a man ho had vasectomy if you've used a condom and he didn't came inside. Try to relax now, not to worry too much, you're pregnant after all :-) You can discuss your question with your gynecologist too, I believe he'll ease your mind. Take care.