Iyah... I am 14 years old And I was told i had freibergs disease nearly 3 years ago from then on i have not been able to do sport activities properly.. i have been given the insoles and ii have had cast on both off my legs four times which is very annoying for me when i have to go to school... :-( This means i am of school alot and they didnt work for me ii have got friebergs in both of my feet and i do get horrible pain from it. Then the doctor that i was under i was given a air cast which i had to wear for just over a year adn still did not help me with my pain at all i found it very uncomfy and would never wear one agian.! so a few months later i went back to see my consultant and he decide he would do the operation on it which they would grind the bone away..! then ii had it done and now ii am walking again but it is still awful pain and want to know about the injections i can have in them and know about the other injections if anyone know anything about them please can you let me know.! thanks tasha..:-D:-D