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My ten year old daughter has just been diagnosed with a Lisfranc's fracture/dislocation. She had a recent fracture of the fifth metatarsal incurred while dancing (and falling). She was in a cast for 14 weeks. She was non-weight bearing for 12 of them. Her ankle was so weak from that length of time of immobility, when she walked without the boot, she developed a new injury when she twisted it. Initially, she was treated for tendonitis and a severe ankle sprain. Weeks later, she is still miserable. She was finally sent for an MRI which revealed the Lisfranc frature. She has been put back into a cast until she sees a surgeon on Friday. We are terrified! She has only attended school for three weeks out of the entire year. Her doctor placed her on homebound teaching because she is in so much pain. Now we are looing at another LONG recovery! Anyone else have children with this diagnosis? What should I expect for a patient so young? She is not in competitive sports, but she does enjoy cheering and dancing. I hope she doesn't have complications all of her life!:'(


Hi Starecrazy: Welcome to the Lisfranc club! I'm very sorry to hear about your daughter. Follow these threads for a lot of information. The first thread is full of information and the second thread is because the first thread got too full. I would really appreciate it if you would do all of your Replys on the 2nd thread.

I know how you feel having survived a Lisfranc injury, I'm 11 months post injury and recently been diagnosed with arthritis. I'm extremely active (wanted to be a sports teacher), anyhow its been a long haul for me and is still continuing. I can only imagine what you're going through with your little one. They say this is a common injury incurred by children from falling out of bunk beds. There was a girl at my daughter's school who had such a fall and oddly enough I asked her yesterday how she was doing and she was great. I even thought so when I saw her shortly after she got her cast off how much better she was compared to me. This injury runs the gammut of quick recovery (as in my daughter's school mate) to a long painful enduring process and I hope that is not the case for your daughter - she's so young. I have 2 children (3.5 year old boy and 9 year old girl). I also had a neighbour who also had a similar injury and she said that she stopped limping at the six month stage - although I don't think she had a lisfranc injury I think it was a broken baby toe.

Some weblinks state that only 1 out of 55,000 persons present with a lisfranc injury so we're a rare breed which is why I'm trying to get the few of us out there to share what we know so that we can all learn together.

Part I:

Part II:

Good luck, Kelly


I injured my foot Oct 7, 2006 while camping. Was told it was just a sprain, then a couple days later told by my ortho it was a lisfranc fracture and I needed surgery. An ortho surgeon who specializes in feet did the surgery a few days later. I haven't had a significant amount of pain. I guess I'm either stubborn and don't admit it, or lucky. I finally got the okay last week (January 15) to start "progressive weight bearing" and get my screws (3) out on the 31st.

What's helped me a lot is a knee scooter. I haven't heard anyone in these forums mention them, but my doctor thought maybe I could work with one. (I'm a nurse). My boss didn't go for that, but with non-weight bearing status for 13+ weeks, using crutches the whole time would have been absolutely miserable. The knee scooter allowed me to anything, cooking, cleaning, even go shopping without tiring out! I even went to Washington DC and did all the tourist activities we could manage to fit into our schedule! If anyone is interested, you can look online for them. I used two different kinds, (one inside, one out and about because my house is a split-level). One was a Roll-A-Bout and the other a Rolleraid (this is the cooler one!). You can rent or buy them. I really recommend it!

Now my biggest challenge is the weight bearing. It's only been 13 weeks, but my ankle is weak, and that's all that hurts when I take a step without crutches. I have a big mental block...fear!...of stepping without crutches, so today, I've left one across the room from me so I have to figure it out! I plan on returning to work on the 29th, and have to be crutch free.