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i have had my tubes banded for almost three years  i have been expeirencing some pregnant symptons i have three kids already. my period is supposed to start in three days i have taken three test all neg. i have been nauseous smell of food makes me gag sometimes the thought of food days mostly at night though during the day i seem ok then feel crazy for thinking its a possible to be pregnant i cant get enough sleep i get dizzy to the point of fainting at work.


Hi Samm,

Your symptoms are not specific to pregnancy.

Yes it is possible that you are pregnant - but, if so chances are that it would be an ectopic pregnancy.  There would be scarring from the clamps.

It is still early to test.  Wait a few more days and if you don't have a "normal" period retest.   Be sure to use your first morning urine for the best accuracy.

Good luck.