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Have had a tubal ligation done 18 yrs ago. Went and did blood work a year ago to see how close to menopause i was and results n dr state i have a ways from it. That being said been having weird symptoms such as nauseated period like cramps in my stomach that has never happened but only when monthly comes. So i took a pregnancy test to eliminate that first and got a faint positive. So waited and took another one the next morning first pee and it was the same. Just wanting others opinion on this. Feeling confused and overwhelmed about it all.


Hi 41,

See your doctor/gynecologist.

It is possible for the tubes to "reattach" enough for you to get pregnant.  It often results in scarring in the tubes so you are more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy, which will not be viable.

False positive tests are very rare.  Your doctor can do a blood test to verify and likely an ultrasound to determine where the fetus is developing.

If you have any sharp pains/cramps or severe bleeding seek emergency medical attention immediately.

Good luck.