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About five days ago (Friday) I lost my virginity to my boyfriend. It was unprotected sex. We had unprotected sex about three times after that. Yesterday (Tuesday) I started to feel a nauseous feeling in my stomach, but it wasn't too strong. This morning (Wednesday), the nauseous feeling was much stronger. I've been trying to hold down vomit all morning. I've also been feeling very drained. I'm only 16, and I don't have my license or any form of income to get a pregnancy test without my parents knowing and I don't want to tell them unless I am pregnant. Any suggestions? Please!


Hi Desperation,

It is EARLY for any signs/symtpoms of pregnancy.  If anything, implantation would have just occurred.  It is COMMON for you to be sore, nauseous, or have cramps when you first start having sex.

It's also too early to test.  You need to wait at least two weeks OR until your period is due.

When did your last period start?  Maybe we can narrow down when you would likely ovulate.

Try not to stress.  You can make yourself have pregnancy symptoms.