Hi there,

I have been having a lot of problems lately since taking plan B. Long story short I accidentally missed 3 pills at the end of August and took plan B. At the time I had also just prior skipped my placebo week to skip my period (didnt work because I had to take plan B and as a result of missing the pills and the plan b combined, I bled for a solid 2 weeks.) So I really messed about with myself. Since then, I have had 4 pill packs I've gone through - every time without fail, the WEEK before my inactive pills, whilst I am still on my active pills, I get brown breakthrough bleeding. They are these giant stringy mucus-y blood clot looking things. I also get all the period cramps during this time. I then bleed more substantially when I hit my inactive pill week and basically as a result of starting bleeding a week before I'm supposed to, i'm having almost 2 week long periods. I havent missed a pill since this all happened. I know I've always been a little sensitive to them (I'm on an ultra low dose of hormone pill) where if I missed a pill, I would sometimes get my period early the following month as well. I am going to switch to the patch now, which apparently has more hormones in it. I'm concerned I will not be protected against pregnancy as I keep having these random breakthroughs of brown blood clots/mucus the week before i'm supposed to have my inactive period week. Do you think the patch will help sort me out? Any idea why this is happening? Could there be something medically wrong with me affecting my hormones to the point the pills don't work for me? I asked a pharmacist and they said the plan b should NOT still be effecting me but this has only happened since taking it. I'm long distance with my partner and we see each other in 3 months, I dont want to be afraid to have sex because of fear of getting pregnant but my hormones seem to be all over the place so I presume despite taking the pills, I am not protected? I don't see why else i would begin bleeding like this other than theres a drop in my hormones when there shouldn't be. Thanks for the help I honestly appreciate any help.