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i have been on birth control for over a year an i messed my up birth control once last week and doubled up the next day, since sunday i have been on the white pillls and had unprotected sex last night with my boyfriend he said he cam in me a little but i statred my period today, should i be taking plan b?


Hi Jill,

There is no need for Plan B.  You are protected by your daily pills and followed procedures when you missed a pill.  You had protected sex, protected by your birth control.

Plan B is not necessary.  It's less effective than your daily pills and should only be used in a "true" emergency.

It does not matter what time of the month you have sex while on the pill.  The reminder pills are just that, reminders.  You are not likely to conceive while on them due to when you take them in your cycle.

Hope it helps.