hello i was wondering if anyone has anything like me i am 53 years old and when i was 19 i started having severe redness on my chest and a terrible burning sensation and then i lost my voice for 3 years and a choking sensation ..they told me esophogitis well it all lasted 3 years then new symptoms began like bloating and rashes and severe virtigo for month metallic taste twithing when i eat i get severely drowsy for hours and/or i can eat and get sweaty and feel so hyper for hours and hours i have visual problems severe weakness position and activity seems to make muscles tighten in my chest and upper abdomen that is aweful i have severe breathing problems for weeks at a time that to me seems to come from my abdomen not lungs sorta like my diaphram isnt working right i have burning sensations and my face will turn flushed at times like a bad sunburn too i have diahrrea and constipation and sometimes needing to have a bowel movement will seem to causeme to have racing heart and wheezing and virtigo and burning sensations i also have arrythmias and numbness and tingling and severe chest pains and other symptoms too and never know from day to day what will happen if there is anything someone can help me with on this i sure need it i feel alot like i will die and theres nowhere to turn!!!