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I am a 14 year old girl, with burning/stomach pain in center of upper abdomen since May '07. Dr. thought this was gastritis from taking steroids/ antibiotics in March/ April for pneumonia/asthma. Also Had Mono March/ April.
Burning pain is sometimes so bad I cannot breathe in.
Negative Abdominal ultrasound.
Negative blood test including one for pyloric ulcer.
They scheduled me a endoscope but not until first of October.
Was on Prislosec rx strength from May til July(no relief) then tried Nexium til now- still no relief.
What could this be???????
Acidy things do make it worse, however Dr. said if it was Reflux disease the Nexium would have helped.
Any one know what it could be???



I'm not an expert and I don't have a prognosis. I will say I understand how you feel. I'm turning 35 on Tuesday and since as early as March 07, I've been experiencing weird symptoms myself. At first I started having crampy pain in what feels like the top left side of my stomach that I thought was gas. The pain would come in spells. It became so great until it would take my strength but it was also intertwined with a feeling of burning-naseau, thus, I would feel the need to go to the restroom at which time I would diarrhea. I went to the Dr. and was told I appeared to be experiencing the beginning symptoms of IBS-Irratible Bowel Syndrome at which time I was prescribed Levesin to take as needed.

These symptoms eventually subsided. About a month and a half ago I began having what feels like really severe naseau, hunger-growling, twisting feelings in my stomach. At which point I feel like want to hurl. As this feeling intensifies until I'm weak and have to lie down in fetal position, It begans to subside. Just as the this occurrence attempts to make its exit I start feeling a burning pain in the top left side of my stomach while my entire intestinal area becomes over-whelmed with pain. The pain moves down into my abdomen area, my thighs and wraps around to my lower back, on occassion. This lasts for hours sometimes. It constantly increases and decreases as though its severe gas trying to break up and make its exit.

I went to the Dr. again as the last two times this happened I felt as if my body was attempting to hurl. I had all the bodily sensations as if I was going to vomit. This is what happened during my last two episodes, after which I went to the bathroom and began coughing up what appeared to be really black looking blood accompanied by red blood. I am scheduled an ultrasound on 12/24 so they can try to see what's going on.

Any ways, I'm not sure what's going on with me. I've had a pregnancy test to see if I maybe pregnant in my tubes since my tubal procedure was 9 years ago. I don't smoke, drink nor use drugs other than occassionaly taking Tylenol or Advil for monthly pain, prescription medication very seldom and most recently Pepto-Bismol which has recently become my best friend for the naseau. I actually went through a small bottle w/in one week!

I hope you feel and get better!



I also understand and have a burning sensation in my upper left portion of my stomach; it appears to have begun when I over-ate 4-5 days ago then vomited...I had hiccups for hours that day before vomiting.

What I think may be contributing--just my own observations:

- Stress
- Too much acidic food and beverage (coffee in particular)
- Lack of exercise?
- Some type of bug?

Will update if I find out 1) what the actual cause or causes are, and 2) how to resolve

Take care,