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Oh goodness. I never keep track of my periods but I sm sure I havent had a period since april 15. So that means sometime before 1-14 i had a period for the month of april.I had sex on may is now the 9th. And no period just yet. Is it too soon to take a pregnancy test and it be accurate? I just dont know anything about conception and how soon one can tell. Please help!


Hi Guest,

You need to wait at least two weeks after having sex, preferably three, before testing.  When you test, use only your first morning urine (wake up pee) - it increases the accuracy of the test.

Start tracking when the FIRST day of your period is.  It is very helpful for plotting when you'll be fertile.  Most women ovulate some time between days 11 and 16 of their cycle.  Sperm can remain viable for about 5 days.  48 hours after ovulation the egg dies and isn't able to be fertilized.

Hope it helps.