My husband and I have been trying to get conceive. I was on birth control to regulate my periods and relieve my cramps (as i was told I most likely have endometriosis or pcos), it never worked (I was on birth control since I was 12) about a year ago I went on a birth control to completely eliminate my periods, I was told this would have no affect on trying to get pregnant or anything, but I went off the pill 6 months ago and only had 1 period since then (1 week after going off the pill). I still get mood swings, and I can tell a difference in my cervical mucus every month, so we still have been trying even though I am not bleeding. We tried 4 days ago (my cervical mucus was clear/watery) 2 days after I started feeling what I thought could be "symptoms" but really didn't think much of it since it was only 2 days and I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. now its been 4 days and I defiantly have the classic "pregnancy symptoms" my breasts are sore, I have really bad mood swings (like I literally cried when I burnt chicken last night?) I have to pee every 20 mins and I feel like im going to be sick every time I go to lay down for bed (like morning sickness) I am also super tired. However I know the odds of me being pregnant is like 0 - 2% because I'm not getting my period, I have never had a regular period to know when I should be ovulating and we only tried 4 days ago. I think i just want it so bad that my mind is making me almost imagine these symptoms.. I guess what I'm asking is, is it possible for me to be pregnant/what are my odds, and is it usual for someone to feel these symptoms when there not pregnant.. I just want some confirmation/closure because I have been so emotional about this, I pretty much cry like every night because I know the odds of being pregnant are so slim, but again I've been having major mood swings soo..?