i have just had the surgery done.I went in for a cyst removed and endermeanrosis removed and came out with a ileostomy. I was told it had spread on to the bowel and rectum and have had part of them both removed that had the disease. My question is i am not on treatment for the endmeanrosis and im not on the pill. The doc as said i can have a reversal of the ileostomy. My worry is if the endermeanrosis spreads again and im stuck with the bag for life. This is the second time i have had surgery for the disease and both times they have said they have removed about 90 per cent they told me it was in a bad way tis time and its only been 12 months since the last surgery. Two month after the first lot of surgery i was in pain again with cysts. what would you recommend i do as to surgery and treatment of the disease. :-(