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I'm scheduled to have an ostomy reversed after having a perforated colon due to diverticulits in the sigmoid area. My surgeon is telling me that a traditional invasive surgery is necessary as opposed to a laparoscopic procedure. After much research and consulting with people in the profession it seems to me that the laparoscopic procedure is the most desirable procedure with regard to being least invasive, having a shorter hospital stay, a shorter recovery time, and a better pct. of post-operative success. Is there any reason why he wouldn't do a laparoscopic procedure?


Is yours a colostomy or an ileostomy?

If a loop ileostomy was made (and the surgeon knew about the possibility of a future reversal), then the stoma would often be closed by making an incision around the stoma, and pulling it up through the holding opening, reconnecting, and then put back through the hole which is then closed with sutures. It would usually leave a much smaller scar than that caused by the surgery to make the stoma.

However, if the stoma is being reconnected and the other end is still inside, a more involved procedure may be required.

How and what type of surgery is very specific to the patient, so discuss the operation with your surgeon.

I had a stoma reversal and was only kept in over the weekend.