Last summer (August 2012) I started to feel pretty sick. At first, I thought I had really bad gas, and then had a really bad fever. (I just turned 40)

The next day, I was feeling a little better and went to work. I still wasn't feeling well (sore lower back, sore abdomen) and went to the bathroom. There was blood in my urine, so I left work immediately and drove myself to the hospital.

I was admitted right away, had numerous CT Scans, ultrasounds and a lot of blood work, and was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. After 8 days and a lot of antibiotics, I was released from the hospital on a strict regimen of antibiotics and pain killers.

Fast forward, 3 weeks later and I was back in the hospital, sore, tired and lethargic. My blood work and CT Scan showed that the Diverticulitis was still inflamed, and had gotten worse. I had my surgery on September 26, 2012, and was told that I may or may not have to have a colostomy after the surgery.

I wake up in my hospital room, all groggy and the first thing I do is reach down to my stomach to see if I do have a colostomy or not. Much to my disappointment, I had one.

I was in the hospital for another week after the surgery, fever, pain, on heavy antibiotics (Piptaz) and on pain killers (morphine & toradol)

My Surgeon, who is fantastic (operation happened at the QEH on PEI, Canada) told me that it would be 6 months before I had a reversal. I guess I was ok living with this bag for 6 months, knowing the end  game would be getting rid of it and being healthy again.I still wasn't right for a few months and have had several more CT Scans (total of 5 CT Scans since Aug. 12, 2 ultrasounds, 1 MRI, and a lot of blood work), and it was found that I have an abscess and the surgery would be postponed for 6 months AFTER he is sure the abscess and any inflammation has subsided.  I am now scheduled to have my resection the first of June, a bit later than I had wanted, but I'll take it.

I was told however that I may have to have a temporary ileostomy (for 3 months) after my surgery, and then go back for yet another surgery to have that reversed.

Now that you know the history, and what's upcoming, I am just wondering if any of you have had similar circumstances - colostomy, reversal, ileostomy, surgery, recovery.....

Reading a bunch of these posts about - running to the bathroom after the resection, and potential leakage, just wondering what percentage of you have had this issue.

Thanks for your help & hope to hear from you soon.