Hello everyone. I had a gynaecology proceedure last April and it went wrong resulting in my bowel being perforated and my developing peritonitis/sepsis and having to have emergency surgery to have 45 cms of bowel removed and an ileostomy formed. I had endless problems during the recovery time with my Stoma, scar tissue formation, Stoma retracting and had to have a new one made in the September. Then in November I had the reversal surgery. Its now may and I am on loperamide daily. I go to the bathroom sometimes up to 12 times in 1 day its always just like water and I get excruciating cramps. I dont get much notice, at the most 5 minutes then I need to be on that toilet. I have suffered tremendously with piles and now I have a tear inside which bleeds a lot when opening bowels. Sometimes I go to the toilet so much theres nothing left and the water that comes out is almost florescent yellow but my stomach still contracting and I cant stop it. Does anyone have any advice because this is a living nightmare for me I only used to open my bowels probably 3 times per week before all this happened. XThankyou everyone. X