I have taken a few different pain killers (neproxen, nurotin, T#3 w/ codine, oxycodone, and others) my problem is that while they make me sleepy I'm still in rediculous amountS of pain. I'm at a point where I'm in constant pain throughout the day and night and I've discussed with my doctor that I only want to take a pain killer when I absolutely have to; i.e. I'm bed ridden because if I move the shocks of pain will cause me to collapse. When I tell my family doctor that I'm still in pain but the medication makes me sleep she takes this as a good thing. Yes, sleep is nice but I can sleep without the pain killers just fine at my worst when the sheer amount of pain knocks me out. I'm not sure she grasps that I'm not taking a pain killer to help me sleep I'm taking it to reduce pain. I will also note that for migraines I take Maxalt which does work on them very slightly after a few hours (at least enough that I can eat something bland and walk about 10 feet in pitch black). I have no personal history of substance abuse, thought it is predominant in my family history on both parents sides, which is why I want something that I can take only when needed rather that everyday. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I could possible ask my doctor to consider? And is it normal for pain killers to not work for someone or am I just not taking something strong enough?