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Hi, im having an operation on friday to remove 4wisdom teeth. i have been on zoloft for about 8 months, the dentist said he would give me pain killers and antibiotics, although he didnt specify what pain killers or antibiotics he would prescribe. is there risk or side effects etc combining all three drugs? also im freaking out BIG time about the op, does anyone have any suggestions on how tocalm myself down?? thanks.


He will most likely give you vicoden for pain. The antibiotic will depend on any allergies you may have (like allergic to penicillin). There should be no adverse interactions. However, be sure to tell the dentist what medications you are on!!!! He will know if there are dangerous interactions and prescribe accordingly.

As for he surgery, it's a snap, especially if they put you under. The anestetic knocks you out immediately and the next thing you know you wake up. It seems like no time has passed and it's done. You will be groggy for an hour or so and the pain won't start for a few hours.

My advice is to start taking the pain medication BEFORE the pain starts. Stay ahead of the curve. Of course, there will be dry socket to worry about later. Search it out on the web.