Hello girls! I would like to share my Plan B  experience to help some of you who are stressing! My boyfriend & I had unprotected sex on sept 4th (1 week after my period ended), he did not cum inside me, he pulled out, but I'm only 17 & was worried so I decided to go to the store & get Plan B the next morning (sept 5th) around 16 hours after having the unprotected sex. I took the pill & got a slight headache an hour or so later. Then 4 days later, I noticed brownish discharge that then turned into something that seemed like a very light period, that lasted for 3 days. After the spotting (which is common when you take plan b) stopped, a couple days later I noticed I would randomly get nauseous, especially in the morning (I figure this was mostly in my head). I also started to get a lot of discharge, very mucus like discharge & some light cramping (this is happening about a week & a half after taking plan b). Also My nipples became very sore a week after taking plan B & were sore for a week or so. I took lots of pregnancy test & they all came back negative. I freaked out though because I accidentally dropped one in the toilet & it wouldn't show the lines so I broke it open & days later I found it in the trash & it had a faded two lines meaning pregnant, I took a couple more tests to be sure & they were all negative!  Now I am about 2 weeks after taking plan B & I got my period! It is a week early (common after taking plan b). I am not pregnant & figure this period will be a little lighter because of the Plan B. I went to my doctor & got birth control also! Girls don't stress! Plan B is very effective & causes your hormones to be thrown off balance & causes pregnancy like symptoms!