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hello, i am of 21 years of age and i have a question regarding my menstrual cycle. my menstrual cycle was about 3 days late, and instead of lasting 5-6 days, it only lasted about 2.5 days. i had regular bleeding and it was heavy at times as well but it ended sooner than expected. 2 days later, i had sex, and had some light bleeding after that, but it stopped after a few hours. the next couple days after that light bleeding, i was getting some brown discharge. is this serious, or is my cycle irregular due to other circumstances? ( i have also gained some weight within the last couple months, and also have stress...could these be factors?) please help me cope with this and help me figure out what i should do


These could be some minor irregularities due to stress. Hormones that have been produced when we are under stress could certainly interfere with our cycles.
There are many other things to consider but to be honest, nothing much can be sad until you have been properly examined.

The irregularities you experienced could be just transient, something that even a gyn couldn’t tell. Sometimes we experience these change without even knowing what the problem was. However, if this kind of bleeding happens during your next cycle, then you should see a doc.

Is there a chance that you could have gotten pregnant? I don’t want to alarm you too much, but some women do experience some bleeding in the early pregnancy and considering your period was very short, it could have not been your period, just some left-overs in the uterus from your previous period. Maybe, you could do a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side. If there was no possibility of getting pregnant, then you are already on the safe side.

Occasional spotting can be caused by cysts on ovaries. Cysts on ovaries are usually harmless and they dissolve on their own if they are little but could cause symptoms like spotting, cramping…especially around ovulation and periods.

So, besides doing a hpt, I would advise you to watch for any other signs or reoccurrence of the spotting. If it happens again, see a gynecologist.