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My age is 23 and i am married.I have some great problem.For the past 2 and half years i have spotting problem before and after periods.I consulted doctor and they you are healthy and no infection and still they cant solve the problem.I have spotting after my 10 th of the periods and it last for 5-6 days and sometime i may bleed heavily like my periods and have cramps.and it will stop and again the spotting starts before my periods and my cycle was normal and last for 5 days .Also i have spotting after sex.The spotting starts before my marriage itself.What would be the problem i have and what test should i perform now?i heard that there is lot of miscarriage in this case.Will i get Pregnant?pls help me


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Look, I don’t know what kind of doctor you consulted but you need to see another one.

The spotting you are experiencing is not normal, I can tell you that, but it is probably nothing so dangerous to your health but some of the possible conditions could prevent you from getting pregnant.

First thing you need to do is check your ovaries and see if there haven’t any cysts developed. Ovarian cysts often cause symptoms similar to yours as well as pain before periods and during ovulation.
If nothing was found there, you need to have your vagina and cervix checked to see if there aren’t any abnormal cells on the cervix or polyps (benign growths). These abnormal cells on the cervix may appear if a woman starts having sex before the age of 19, and if she has many partners. These abnormal cells are called cervical dysplasia and may even turn to cancer after some time (it may take 10 years but early detection is the best).

If nothing was found on your cervix, then your uterus should be checked to see if there are growths there. There a woman may develop fibroids and polyps, which cause spotting and bleeding after sex.

It is very important that you have yourself checked as soon as possible.