I have struggled with making a decision whether to go back to the nuvaring or not. I had a lot of good experiences with the Nuvaring when I started taking it (from the age of 21 until 23 years old . It made my skin clear, made me lose weight, I was overall really happy with it. But one month I started getting brown spots on my underwear, which continued into solid red spot bleeding. I went to the doctors to find out that my cervix was swollen and it had started to bleed. I immediately went off of it since I was scared what might happen next. I stopped for about 2 months and I started to break out here and there.. I was pretty certain it was because I was off the Nuvaring so I proceeded to continue to use it after the 2-3 months without it. I used it for about a month and my skin did not get any better and I started to gain weight, my libido increased quite a bit, and I started to go into depression. I have gained a total of 20 pounds. After stopping the nuvaring after the 2-3 months since my skin did not get any better, I stopped it for about a year and I have had really bad skin issues. From my chest breaking out to my face. It is calm down a lot.. but not completely. I still get break outs here and there and I just want to go back to clear skin! I am debating whether to go back on it or not and I would love someone's opinion.