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Are you someone who already inspires people to eat and live healthy or you want to become this person? We share some tips on how to mentally and physically support your family and friends to pick up some good habits and start making good decisions.

Someone's success can be inspiring. At the beginning of your fitness, health or “becoming best version of yourself” journey, you've probably been learning from someone, listening someone's success stories and advice, whether in person or over the Internet. If you haven't had this person, everything could end up differently.

It is really hard to stay healthy living life at such a fast pace in this world full of inexpensive and tasty – but overall bad food. If you want your dear people to adopt a healthy lifestyle (eat healthier food, move more, drink more water, or make them feel good about themselves), here are some simple tips on how to be supportive.

Clear Out Your Pantry

I find it extremely important not to bring (too much) bad food at home. Everyone will eat chocolate and cookies if you buy and leave them in the pantry. Buy weekly stash of food and try making it versatile in seasonal fruit and vegetables, white meat and healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds. If someone craves chocolate at 10 PM, and you didn't buy any, you are doing everyone a favor.

Of course, nothing should be completely banned but don't make your family — especially young children — get used to consuming treats daily as something completely normal; and don't let it become everyday food — because cookies, chocolates and candy are not food.

Get Creative With Picky Kids

If you have kids who won't eat their veggies, serve the food in a more interesting way. Make a face out of the eggs, pretend spinach is a meadow and that broccoli are little trees; kids love things to be funny.

Pretend that you'll enjoy the food by yourself, and share none with them. They don't like competition, and they will probably want some, out of pure jealousy. Some will say it's bad to manipulate your child like this — but they will thank you later. Or not – whatever!

Don't Brag

You may have kindest intentions by showing your cool healthy lifestyle, washboard abs or firm buttocks, but if you brag a lot — it may be hurtful and counterproductive. People like someone supportive, someone who can be a role-model without being a show-off. Of course, there are people who like a little competition here and there if it moves them, but they are rare, so try not to be unpleasant to be around (not to use a different term).

Invest More Than Words

Nice words always come in handy, but if someone is busy and can't get all the obligations in the office or at home, this person doesn't have the luxury to workout or prepare healthy lunch every day. If you have busy family members, offer to help. Help your wives or daughters with kids so they can make a healthy lunch, exercise, or go out and relax. Same goes for everyone. Be supportive and invest some of your spare time if you have too much of it to help those in need.

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