I'm 20 years old ... Recently I've been experiencing really bad lower back pain, some abdominal pain, I'm very dehydrated, fatigue, and have diarrhea . . . I was on Nuvaring birth control for about 6 months. The last time I had sex was January 6th, my period started on the 7th and I've had my last one which started on the 4th. I was one day late starting and I had very weird brown discharge for about 3 days after my period ended. I decided to leave my nuvaring out I also have to get a pap done every 3 months due to abnormal cells but I missed my last appointment . . . I'm just wondering if I could be pregnant, have cancer, an ovarian cyst or if I'm just over reacting ?! I've had 2 periods since the last time I have had intercourse but I was 1 day late starting