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is hydrochlorot and hydrochorothiazine the same medication


Yes, these are the same drugs. Hydrochorothiazide is a generic drug and there are all sorts of brands of this drug.

They are diuretics and they work by blocking salt and fluid re-absorption in the kidneys, causing increased urine output. A person could experience all sorts of side effects especially dehydration. Another problem with diuretics is that they decrease the levels of potassium in the body. Decreased levels of potassium could cause all sorts of problems and doctors often prescribe either potassium supplements or prescribe diet high in potassium.

There are also potassium sparing brands that one can take.

Taking both potassium supplements and foods high in potassium could be dangerous due to excessive amounts of potassium which again causes other negative side effects and problems.

So, besides checking blood pressure you would have to check potassium levels as well.