3days ago i can feel that my period is coming but now. i cant feel a thing . only little percent of feeling it. my lower stomach is aching but not always. Is this only a late period ? or i am preg ? i have experience sex for the first time with my boyfriend . before we sex ican feel that my period is coming but after 2days i cant feel a thing . is it only a late period ? HE PULLED OUT BEFORE IT COMES OUT . AND WE ONLY DID SEX FOR JUST 10SECS the first time he puts his *** to my ** lasted for only 5secs then the 2nd one is 10secs and i pulled out his **** . after that i ask him " is it coming out ? " he says " NO" and we stopped for 20mins and last round is for about 10secs and before it comes out he pulled out . and we never repeat it again. is there live sperm that enters my *** ? AM I PREG OR LATE MENS ONLY ? HELP ME PLEASE EVERYONE HELP :(