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So I had protected sex on the 8th of August. He came inside the condom and I stopped it before we got going any further : my period was suppose come on the 11th . It’s now the 16th and I’m 6 days late . Last month my period was 2days late but still came with a full cycle . I’m scared .. I just want reassurance we were safe about it and used a condom . What should do ? Could I be pregnant. And is it possible that sex can delay your period. I’m 17 and me and my boyfriend been together 11 months. I’m on medicine the hold hurt me to have a baby . Also I’m sometimes getting white smelly discharge. But only other days . I have no pregnancy symptoms so far . I JUST Need Awnsers  .


There is no risk of pregnancy from sex 3 days before your period is due, even if it was unprotected and he shot multiple loads of his hot stick cum into you.