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im 16 and i started to masturbate about a month and a half ago. im a virgin,i didnt want to finger myself because i wanted to still b a virgin and i dnt like pain or the sight of i read about u can use a vibrating toothbrush on ur clitoris so i used 1 i covered the bristles with a latex glove so i wouldnt hurt my self. then i heard the toothbrush can cause harm to ur clit so i stop i just bought a hand held therapeutic massager,since my mom wouldn't let me buy a vibrating ring. i used it already and works great! but im afraid that will cause some damage to my clit,its made of rubber and is alot different from the toothbrush. is it harmful,in the direction manual it says do not use it on ur genital area,but i read some ppl use it. can u guys help me i dnt kno what 2 do. give and suggestions,advice or anything. plz help!! 



I think the warnings on items like these not to use them below are because they are electric and your not supposed to get electric wet,  If you get a poke down there ouch!  As far as damage psshh unless your trying to insert it (which your not) I don't see how this could hurt.  I have however read often if you get used to achieving orgasm from vibrating items it sort of desensitizes you and makes it harder to orgasm by general stimulation.  Also if you are worried about loosing your virginity because you masturbate with your finger then don't.  You will still be a virgin the only way you loose your virginity is by having full sex, even if as in some girls cases their hymen has broken horse riding they are still virgins.  The chances you will break this using your fingers to masturbate is really low especially if you stick to your clitoris.  Just relax and go with what feels good instead of worrying about blood and virginity and other issues that may or may not be.

I hope this has helped you<3