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Dealing with yellowed or badly stained nails can be quite embarrassing. So here are some simple tips to remedy the issue in the privacy of your own home.

A person suffering from the yellow nails problem will opt to hide it all with a bright nail polish, but this just hinders healthy nail growth. If your nails have had better days, this can be embarrassing. The causes of yellowing and discolored nails include many factors but can often be narrowed down to a few main culprits.

Frequent use of nail polish especially the darker shades. The color pigments that are used to manufacture nail polish stain any nails after an extended period. You can stop this from becoming your poor nails by using a clear bottom coat of polish before applying color.

If you follow this nail polish application method to the letter and the nails still have that yellowing color, then there’s a possibility of a more serious cause. Fungal nail infections, nail psoriasis, smoking, jaundice (a condition causing yellowing of the skin), lymphedema (a condition causing swelling of the skin), Sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses), tuberculosis (a lung bacterial infection), chronic paronychia (nail fold infection) and other less than ideal lifestyle choices.

Nails being a non-living part of your body, the treatment of nail yellowing can take a longer period. The best you can do is identify the cause, treat it and the wait for your nails to regain their natural color.

How to Prevent Yellow Nails

Wear shoes that allow air to circulate. This will increase the fresh air to your otherwise suffocated skin cells and nails. When you contain your feet for long periods of time, moisture and bacteria can thrive, causing a strew of issues.

Do not walk barefoot in public places and wet grounds. This is a major no-no. Not only is it hard on your feet, causing cracks and cuts, but it attracts dirt and other unwanted substances that you can then bring into your home.

Ensure the socks you wear are clean. You wear a single pair of socks all day long. They accumulate sweat and dirt. So why would you wear them again the next day? You’re just asking for a nail infection and horrible foot odor.

Do not share towels or clothing when recovering from a fungal infection. If you have some sort of infection of the nail or athlete’s foot, prevent the spread of this in your household by using fresh towels and socks every day. You may get rid of the issue, but if you’ve passed it to a family member, you can easily get it again.

Seek medical advice from a podiatrist at the first sign of staining. As mentioned above, staining of the nails can be something other than simple yellowing. If it’s below the surface, you’ll need medical attention sooner than later.

Maintain proper nail hygiene by keeping your nails clean and dry. After each shower, use proper nail tools to scrape and clean under and around both your toe and finger nails. Then be sure to rinse afterward.

Wear slippers or sandals when using public showers. These are breeding grounds for a long list of fungal diseases. Never get caught without some protection for your feet.

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