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hey people i know the topic may be offensive and i'm sorry if it is but i have a friend who thinks its unprofessional and i was wondering if other people felt that way. i personally have no problem with it  i think that if they are willing to risk their lives for our country that our country should except them no matter how different they are. ?


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I was in the Army in the late 50s/early 60s and where I was stationed at least it was a non-problem. We generally knew who was gay and some guys wouldn't shower if they were in there but most of us didn't give a s**t. The only time I got "attacked" was one night when I awoke to find someones hand in my shorts and a seriously drunk guy from the barracks next door calling me by the name of the guy who slept in the bunk next to me. I had to push him away several times, telling him I'm not xxxx. Finally he left and I got back to sleep. I just thought it was funny, he was so drunk he kept falling down.

I don't remember it being much of a problem until some politicians and societal agitators made it a problem. I know there are some who have very strong feelings but I think it's like everything else. A few may be very upset but I think most of us just look at it as part of life, not everyone is the same.

To me we were all soldiers and a soldier is a soldier whether they are a he, a she or something in between. Soldiers have something in common that others don't have or understand. My father was in France in WWI. When he retired he moved to Florida and discovered the guy in the house behind him had been in the German Army in the same war. They became great friends.