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I had a raw vagina, and It had no discharge, and it was painful, but no pain during going to the bathroom. And veryy itchy.
Then i began to get clear discharge, that was very watery and it was sooo itchy. All discharge was just all over my vagina.
I saw the gyno & he said it was a yeast infection.
My periods have been really screwy and I've got my normal type of cramps from my period although it's over. But it started early and ended late probably from stress, or missing the pills.

Friday night, the 5th i used gynazole-1 & It helped a lot. But i still have a very irritated vagina, it's kinda red, and everything. I have clear discharge that gooey and strings out, but I also have chucky discharge mixed it.

Ideas? Tomorrow, I'm getting more gynazole-1.


Hi. If you have been diagnosed with a yeast infection you might want to try what I do. I don't like the meds b/c I am really sensitive. So I get plain yogurt. Actually I buy a product called Bio-K at a health food store. It is pure acidopholus. You can find little jars in the refrigerator of the store. I internally inject it vaginally for two weeks twice a day. I even smear my vulva with it when I am really raw. Also, you food intake is really important. Stay away from sugar, alcohol, coffee, any processed foods, vinegar and other acidic foods. Try to eat low carb. The yeast loves carbs! Good luck. Laura