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About 2 months ago, I started biking to school. My boyfriend lives near campus, so I'd often go over, have sex, and bike home. About a week after this, I got my first yeast infection. I did not see a Doctor right away but used Canestin and saw my doctor a week later when it was gone. She said everything looked fine. This is was October.

About 2 weeks ago, I had the same symptoms as my last yeast infection but instead of using the pill, I only used the Canestin cream. A week later, the symptoms were still there so I decided to buy the pill. I used it and 2 days later the itchiness and discharge was completely gone. Another 2 days passed with no signs of symptoms and I decided to have sex for the first time since the treatment (this was tonight). Afterwards, when I went to pee, I felt the most intense burning in my vagina- to the point that I almost screamed.

Is this most likely because I did not wait long enough since my treatment/infection? I am extremely worried because I have never felt pain like this in my vagina and cannot contact a Doctor at the moment. Any suggestions would help.


Are you engaging in unprotected sex? If you use protection ALL the time, then I would like you to use a 7 day pack of yeast infection medication! And don't engage in sexual activity till about 2 weeks after! Some doctors believe that a severe yeast infection can be transfered back and forth between partners, to me that makes sense. But some others flatly deny it! So ask your boyfriend if he has any burning or discharge, or even a slight rash? Also eat as much acidopholus as possible - this counteracts the yeast buildup in your body! Now after the 7 days IF you don't see any imporvement, then you need to see your doctor, to make sure you don't have vaginitis - a constant form of yeast infection, where you will need medication! Good luck and health!