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im 16 years old and am sexually active but only with my bowfriend. we recently had sex around feb 13 and i usually get my period around the 28th to the 2nd. after we had sex i notice my vagina itched really bad!! and i got really scared. about 2 days later i had what started out as light brown mucusy discharge,then it turned dark brown,then white then clear, and now my vagina is a litle swolen with white chunky discharge. its now march 16 and still no period, i took a pregnancy test a week ago and it was negitive....and then i took another yesterday which was negitive as well.

im really scard and i dont no what i should do...

if u know anything PLEAse help me!!!!

thank you soo much!


hey im not sure if your still wondering what you had because it is now july 2008 and you posted that in 2007.

BUT for what its worth, i think you have a yeast infection. if your vagina is itchy and your discharge is clumpy and white, and smells like cottage cheese. then yes you have a yeast infection.

i had one before and ive had the same symptoms that you have except for the brown discharge.

you should go see a doc and they'll subscribe you anti-boatics